Resolutions are not the Answer

Have I ever told you that I don’t make new year’s resolutions?  I’ve been bucking the “set resolutions” trend on the first of the year for about 5 years now, and it’s one of the ways that I keep my “power”.  I don’t put any pressure on myself to make impractical claims at the beginning of the year, or any other time of year, for that matter. 

The first of the year, I hear things like:

  • I’m getting back on track.
  • I enjoyed myself and now I’m ready.
  • It was so hard to be good during the holidays.
  • I’ve gained so much weight.

All those excuses or justifications mean that the diet or lane (vegan/paleo/keto/plant-based) these people chose is not sustainable.  Clean eating is sustainable, it’s not yearly, or seasonal, or on some other periodic schedule.  If at any time you’re feeling deprived, then you’re doing something wrong. Clean eating isn’t about deprivation, it’s about making the best choices every day.  It’s also about planning and being prepared.

Let’s imagine two scenarios.

Scenario 1

A couple has been following a diet for several months and now they are at a holiday family gathering.  They bring a dish to share that is familiar with their family and known to be a party favorite but not in line with their current diet. Then they grab a plate and start to choose items they think are ‘safe’ based on their diet.  They have a large family, so this happens at least 2x / month.  And, every time, they feel bloated, brain fogged, and lethargic a few hours later or even for the next few days.

Scenario 2

Same couple but now they’re clean eaters. Knowing there will be little, if anything, that they can eat, they decide to eat before the party so when they get there they aren’t looking or wanting food. They bring a plate that everyone can enjoy, including themselves.  Clean eating isn’t about tasteless, boring food. Anything can be made clean.  Now when they want to enjoy something, they can pick from the plate they brought.  Hours or days later, no bloating, brain-fog or lethargy.

Make PERMANENT Resolutions. It’s Your Choice

See the difference between clean eating and following a diet?  Clean eating is a lifestyle change. A diet is temporary, your mindset knows that a diet can be stopped and started at any time during the year.  A lifestyle change is about drawing a line in the sand and being mindful Every – Single – Day.

Now, back to setting resolutions, you have a choice; you can either start to make mindful changes every day that will help you make better choices. Or, you can make temporary adjustments and then fall back to comfortable choices when the ‘season’ permits.  What will you decide?

I’m in the trenches every day with my customers in my health food store.  I hear every excuse and justification you could imagine, so I created my course Get Food Smart, Get Real. It’s like having me in your back pocket.  I make it easy for you to make mindful choices every day.

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