5 years ago, I Was a Drug Pusher!

Yes, you heard that right, I was a drug pusher!  The highly addictive white substance that was discreetly hidden in artistically decorated cookies, cakes, cupcakes, marshmallows, sauces, and other innocuous items was a lucrative and sustainable business for me.  At first, I thought it was harmless. After all, I wasn’t hurting anyone. Or so I told myself.

People would come in to my store at all hours for their ‘fix’. Whether it was for a buttery biscotti with their coffee to start their day, a cupcake to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday, or a box of marshmallows to share while watching a movie. But that didn’t matter, most people didn’t need an excuse. Because it was there, and it was ready to be consumed, which was a good enough reason for most people.

The Substance I Describe is:


When I started to see a trend in the people that would come in every day to restock is when I realized, this is a problem.  Prior to that I was like everyone else. I would say, oh it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to a little something sweet at the end of your day. Because a ‘little square’ isn’t going to kill me…right?  No, that square won’t kill you, but that mind-set will.

The majority of people consuming these items were on medication(s), terribly overweight, and pathetically addicted to sugar. I didn’t think it was possible to be addicted to sugar, but I witnessed it and it’s very sad! The ‘treats’ being sold are legal, they look and taste great, and everyone does it. How do you even broach the subject that maybe someone has a problem?  Certainly most people will laugh at you and tell you to mind your own business.

After watching these people struggle with their addiction, I realized I had a choice. Clearly I could continue to push one of the most addictive substances on the planet. Or I could stop. The next time you are driving, notice all the bakeries, coffee shops, deli’s, specialty stores etc. where you can buy a sugary ‘treat’. Forever tempted, these people would continue to feed their addiction, but I was getting out of the game. Consequently I made the decision to help educate and inform customers about sugar (and other ingredients) that were being consumed in gargantuan proportions and widely accepted in our society.  My business would suffer but I didn’t care because I had bigger plans. I want to change the world!

I Am a Drug Pusher – NO MORE!

As a result, four years later, I own a thriving retail market that is thoughtfully curated and contains NO REFINED SUGAR.  Also, I’ve created the online blog site called www.iamacleaneater.com and I’ve written the 10 Commandments for Clean Eating.  I know we can’t save everyone and not everyone wants to be saved, but we’re making a difference, and it’s showing.  However, more and more people are admitting their addiction to sugar and that they want to stop…that’s huge!

Furthermore, by the end of 2018 we will roll out our online self-paced program called Get Food Smart, Join My Tribe! The 7 modules for lasting longevity will be your ultimate guide to clean eating and making the best choices for you and your family.  Finally, you will finally be able to make a permanent lifestyle change – I guarantee it!

So, are you ready to do your part to change the world?  Leave me a comment, it just might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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