10 Commandments to Clean Eating

Commandment 1-Let the Ingredient List Guide You

When starting on your journey to clean eating, it’s a good place to start is to read the 10 commandments of Clean Eating. The first commandment is to “Let the Ingredient List Guide You.”    Like most people, I used to skip the ingredients and go straight to the nutritional information on the package:  calories, fat, carbs, proteins.    Didn’t care about the source of the  nutrients, just how many calories was I getting.

Then I was diagnosed with cancer which was estrogen based.  Long story short, I can’t have anything with soy in it. Plus I was vegetarian and so now no tofu either.   This forced me to start to read the ingredients.  Soy, soy flour, soy lecithin are in MANY things that you wouldn’t think it would be in.  Not that you should eat them, but read the ingredients of a candy bar or cookie. There are quite a few that have soy lecithin in them.   Soy based ingredient are not only not something I can have but everyone should stay away from products with soy in them.  Candy bars, breads, salad dressings, and even foods claiming to be healthy have soy based ingredients.  Do your due diligence and take 15 seconds and read the ingredients before you purchase the item

Processed foods also are not on the clean eating list.  The ingredients start to become chemicals, additives, artificial and preservatives that your body doesn’t know what to do with them.  What happens?  Your body starts to store it because it can’t break it down and use it as fuel.  These are empty caloric foods that do nothing for you. They don’t provide the nutrients or energy  your body needs to function and repair itself properly.   So your cells start to starve and disease is a result.

I know I’ve been there.  Do yourself and your body a favor and start to read what you are actually consuming and relying on to keep your body going.  What you find out will surprise you and I hope put you on the path to clean eating which is simply just eating 100% real food.   Your body will thank you for it.

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