One Word For Each Decade of Your Life 

One word for each decade – if you had one word to describe each decade of your life what would you say?  After turning 50, I received a lot of well wishes, including: ‘welcome to the club’.  It got me thinking about a couple of things; with the main thought being that I never asked to join any club and I don’t really like clubs!  So, is there a better way to offer well wishes to someone that’s having a milestone birthday? 

Yes, the better way to enter a decade is to try to impart some wisdom and reflect on life thus far.  Instead of focusing on age let’s focus on the number of words we are lucky to have earned with each decade we have lived! Here are mine and the reasons I chose them: 

One word for each decade: age 0 – 9 – Observant  

When I was 7, my father was diagnosed with Leukemia and died within 3 months of diagnosis.  The period between the diagnosis and his eventual death I observed everyone’s reactions around me including my 4 older siblings (16, 15, 14, 13) and my mother who was 42. 

I watched the doctors and nurses while my father was in the hospital, the neighbors and friends as they dropped off provisions and ultimately, I observed my father facing death. He was brave, kind and gentle. After his death, I continued to observe how people looked and watched our family.  It wasn’t always a great feeling to be watched but I’m grateful to have learned my most prized skill to date; observation! 

One word for each decade: age 10 – 19Determined  

At 12 I started to play basketball and I was determined to be good.  I immersed myself in the sport, attended camps and by the time I was 16, I was good!  It took 4 years and each year I progressed, and I never faltered.  This determination helped me 2 years later when I decided to leave my hometown and leave everything I’d ever known and everyone I’d ever loved.  I had nothing when I left aside from my observation skills and sheer determination not to fail. 

One word for each decade: age 20 – 29Love  

At 22 I met my first mentor who was also the father I never had and the brother I always wanted.  He was my beloved brother-in-law that taught me so much about life and love. At 24, my god-daughter was born and the special relationship that we share to this day is pure love. At 26 I met my husband and got married at 28. This was definitely the decade of love! When you feel love you also feel safe.  This feeling of safety helped me leave everyone I had ever loved (again) and move from Toronto to San Diego and start a new chapter in a new country. 

One word for each decade: age 30 – 39Focus 

At 30, I was focused on completely rebuilding my consulting business in my new home of San Diego.  I was focused on building wealth and stability. I worked hard, traveled the country, and used my observation skills, and my determination, to make a difference in the world of 3D graphics and animation. Then I was able to parlay the skills I had from the world of software and move into the world of hardware. I again remained focused and was able to enjoy a total of 25 successful years in technology. 

One word for each decade: age 40 – 49Grateful  

In June 2013, at the age of 45, I decided to retire from technology and open Artisan’s Palate. This transition has taught me so much about myself; especially when it comes to diet and nutrition.  With determination and focus, I withstood negative thoughts aimed at me and my efforts in opening a local market that served a local community.  My observation skills and love from my family allowed me to persevere and ultimately thrive. 

Through this journey I am grateful for all the people that I continue to meet and that I am able to help on a daily basis.  I am also grateful to learn from so many great people the store attracts.  The blessings continue daily, and I have never been more grateful for this opportunity to serve my community and share my personal health journey. 

With this I’m looking forward to earning my 6th word! 

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