Caveman Coffee – Mammoth Plus




We added MCT to the Mammoth for Mammoth Plus, so your coffee is already supercharged! You can taste the smooth finish and slightly heavier mouth feel.

The Mammoth Roast is a blend of coffees from small family-owned farms in western Colombia, as well as southeastern Brazil. The result is a balanced cup with notes of lemon, chocolate, and the unmistakable nuttiness, characteristic of coffee from South America.

One of the last remnants of the Ice Age, the mammoth was a large and formidable creature, arguably one of the largest to walk through North America. For this coffee, we coaxed out a gigantic flavor to match the size and swagger of its namesake.

Each serving is about 3% MCT.

  • Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Lemon, Almond, Medium Body
  • Growing Region: Colombia, Brazil
  • Growing Elevation: 1500 Meters (Colombia), 1200 Meters (Brazil)
  • Processing Method: Washed (Colombia), Natural (Brazil)

Please note: Mammoth Plus is pre-ground for a drip coffee filter.

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