The Loose Leaf Tea – Sinus Relief




Ingredients: Organic Mullein, Organic Horehound, Organic Yerba Santa, Organic Feverfew, Organic Fennel, organic Fenugreek powder, Organic Echinacea. (makes 50-60 cups)

Fight SINUS infection and SINUS headache
This all sinus tea is a true life saver. If you are anything like me, and suffer from sinus headaches or chronic sinus infections, then you NEED to get this tea! This tea has the light flavor of ginger and fennel, and packed with bacteria fighting herbs! The aroma will awaken your senses while taking the pressure off your face! This tea is great as a preventative through out the winter as well, so you won’t keep getting infections.

* This is a true medicinal tea. It will have an earthy taste, but works very well!

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