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Mucuna is most known for its dopamine precursor l-dopa.  It has been used for nervous system and adrenal restoration, hormone balancing, immune function, sleep and mood enhancement, cellulite and body fat reduction, bone density, and mental focus.

Tribulus has gained popularity by treating infertility, E.D., low libido, and as an athletic enhancer.  Tribulus has many touted benefits with the most prominent being that of a liver and kidney tonic, nervous system and urinary tract supporter, as well as decreasing blood pressure and bad cholesterol. This blend may support the health of someone with Depression or Parkinson’s Disease.

Usage:  Start with 1/2-1 teaspoon in preferably warm water or other liquid up to 2 times/day.  Great combined with cacao for increased uptake and mood enhancement.  The benefits of this formula are cumulative and it is best to stay on it for at least  one month to receive full benefit.   These herbs are classified as yang jing tonics.  Yang means they will tend to be warming, expansive and provide extra energy.  Jing refers to our deep core essence housed in the kidney/adrenal meridian and linked to hormones, mood, reproductive capacity, stress handling, and even willpower. In higher doses, you will find these herbs to have a sedative, relaxing nature.  Many clients have reported excellent sleep and even dream states from this formula.

Ingredients: Organic Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Organic Full-Spectrum Mucuna Pruriens Extract (min. 20% l-dopa)

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