Foods Alive Good ‘n Hearty Onion Ring Clusters




Say hello to onions with a purpose and goodbye to greasy fried onions!

Snacking can be healthy when it supplies you with protein, fiber, and Omega EFAs. Good’N Hearty Onion Ring Clusters start with field-fresh organic yellow onions that are smothered with a batter made of nutrient-rich pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds with a sprinkling of Reishi mushrooms.

Once they’re finished dehydrating at a low temperature, you’re left with an outlandishly delicious and nutritious whole food snack. Besides snacking on these straight from the bag, you can use them like croutons on your next salad with one of our gourmet superfood salad dressings.

Enjoy these healthy, energy-packed treats in school lunches for your kids, plane trips, road trips, backpacking, camping, or as an after workout snack!

Ingredients: Onions*, sunflower seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, sesame seeds*, nutritional yeast, chia protein powder*, Himalayan pink salt, freeze dried reishi mushrooms*, garlic granules*, ginger powder*, turmeric*, fermented coconut tree sap*, black pepper*, red beet powder*.
*Organic Ingredient

Shelf Life: 8 months

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