Four Sigmatic Mushroom Focus Shot


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When crunch time hits, reach for a better-for-you alternative to energy drinks. Our first ready-to-drink product promotes focus and energy, without gnarly ingredients. Sip a ½ or full bottle of Lion’s Mane and guayusa, with a powerful pineapple taste from only real ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or flavors allowed.

We believe in seeking energy through nutrient dense foods, sleep hygiene, movement, and hydration, but hey, sometimes you need a one-and-done way to perk up. Lion’s Mane is invited thanks to its ability to support focus and productivity. Rhodiola tagged along, because it has the potential to support cognitive function. Then there’s 40mg of naturally-occuring caffeine from guayusa. That’s about the same as a cup of green tea and ⅕ the amount of most energy drinks. And to round it off, you’ll also see B12. That powerful pineapple taste you’re enjoying? No artificial flavors or sweeteners at all, only pineapple and lime juice, salt and stevia.

  • Better-for-you energy drink alternative
  • Ready to drink, with a tropical taste
  • Lion’s Mane and rhodiola to support focus, productivity, and cognitive function
  • 40mg of caffeine, about the same amount as green tea
  • ½ bottle for a light pick-me-up or a full bottle for total focus
  • Just be sure to drink or discard any remaining product within 72 hours

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