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Experience Jeff’s Best incredible Raw Living Full Spectrum CBD Blend, Formulated by a Clinical Nutritionist for Maximum Results, Organic Certified, in a base of Jeff’s Pristine Cold Filtered Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil for Maximum Bio-availability.

As a company that has produced Ultra Pure Raw Hemp Based Superfoods, all in glass to avoid BPA, Certified Organic, Independently Lab Tested, and been a best seller in most of the Western United States in the Top Health foods Stores California has to offer, it only makes sense that we would produce the cleanest and purest, rawest, most fresh and unadulterated synergistic CBD Rich Hemp Oil on the market.

Jeff is a Cancer Survivor. When it comes to purity, and efficacy, he doesn’t play games.

Jeff always wants the best for his customers, and he’s positive that his Lab Tested, Organically grown CBD rich hemp oil stands far above the rest in purity.

  • This is a Completely RAW Living CBD Rich Hemp Oil in Supplementary Form
  • Obtained Exclusively from Extremely Legal and All Organic Canadian grown Industrial Hemp plants/Cultivars
  • All Raw, for Superior Bioavailbility, Superior Absorption, and Molecular Stability
  • No Solvents, Extracts, Heat or Harsh Chemicals are used to derive this substance
  • Not produced from decarboxylated rancified industrial Chinese hemp sludge (which will make you feel and probably be sicker!)
  • Never exposed to heat or chemicals to make the active ingredients vibrant and viable in an optimal energetic phyto nutrient environment, most easily recognized and utilized by the body.
  • Not CO2 Pulled, extracted, or oxidized.
  • Lab Tested for Potency, Purity, Composition, and Strength
  • Lab Tested to be free from Pesticides, Herbicides, Radiation, Fungicides, Gluten, and Heavy Metals
  • Lab Tested for Strength and Purity – Jeff’s Best Hemp! CBD content is third party lab verified by SC Labs, utilizing superior testing methods for accuracy and purity.
  • This product’s CBD content is 100 MG’s per 1 Fl Oz., in a 40% CBD/60% CBD-A Ratio.
  • Jeff’s base is already his best selling Certified Organic Raw Cold Filtered Hemp Seed Oil, rich in Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids and GLA (gamma linolenic acid)(a powerful activator), providing superior bio-availability, synergy, and optimal uptake by the body.
  • Cannabidiol is a substance with emerging and promising research in many areas of health and holistic medicine
  • All in Amber Glass to keep it safe from the sun and optimally fresh, with No Plastic Leaching, BPA free, and ZERO PLASTIC TOXICITY
  • Delivered via a glass dropper with no contact to plastic in the delivery method
  • Greater control of dosage for customers because of glass dropper instead of a spray top
  • Legal in all 50 states of the U.S.

These statement have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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