Ora – Fish Spray




I’m the first ever omega-3 spray, delivering 1000mg of vegan omega-3 per serving. Studies show omega-3 may improve cognitive function, brain health, skin & ; hair health, eye health & ; heart health. Sustainably sourced from microalgae farmed in pure waters outside of the oceans, making me free of mercury, pesticides, PCBs, heavy metals and other ocean pollutants. The Ora Chef formulated me with MCT Oil from coconut to deliver nutrients quickly to the brain as well as organic sunflower lecithin, a phospholipid, to aid in omega-3 absorption and bioavailability. No fishy after burps or hard to swallow pills because a chef used organic pineapple and orange flavor to make me taste like a burst of fresh fruit – just spray directly into the mouth or onto food! One bottle of Nothing Fishy Here has the equivalent omega-3 as 6 pounds of high quality salmon. Save a fish, spray some algae!

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