Quantum Nutrition Labs D3 Gold




Quantum D3 provides live-source vitamin D3 in liquid form. Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin called the “Sunshine Vitamin” which is essential for bone growth, mineralization and absorption of calcium. Adequate levels of vitamin D also support cardiovascular health. Maintaining healthy vitamin D levels is essential throughout all stages of your life.

New, exciting research shows that this little powerhouse vitamin has more newly discovered functions. Did you know that vitamin D receptors are found in countless tissues throughout the entire body? That can only mean that vitamin D has a much greater impact on the body’s health than has been previously thought. Eye-opening research shows that our immune cells also have vitamin D receptors. This reveals how adequate vitamin D levels may be critically important is to our immune system health as well.

Although sunlight exposure on the skin stimulates vitamin D production, many people simply can’t achieve the vitamin D levels they need. Thus, taking a high quality vitamin D supplement can make good sense for supporting optimal health. Recent studies propose ideal vitamin D3 intake should be 1,000 IU or more daily (a recommendation our liquid meets in just one drop).

Usage: Take 1 drop daily with food.

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