Raw Revelations Adrenal Stress Ease




A premier adrenal and thyroid support formula.  Designed to modulate, balance, nourish, and protect your sensitive endocrine system from the extreme stresses we face in our modern world. This formula is also great for immune system support and modulation, brain health, respiratory, energy and endurance.

Usage:  Start with 1/2-1 teaspoon in water, tea, elixir or take straight as needed 1-3 times/day.  Use more in times of stress or immune challenges.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Ashwagandha Extract*, Full Spectrum Triphala Extract (Harataki*, Bibhitaki*, and Amalaki*), Full Spectrum Holy Basil Extract*, Full Spectrum Tribulus Extract*, Licorice Root*, Black Shilajit extract. *Organic

All Full Spectrum Extracts are made from a fresh plant extraction of Supercritical CO2 combined with Hydroethanolic extractions- water and organic ethanol. They range from a 100:1 to 150:1 concentration fresh basis and 20:1 to 30:1 Dry basis.

Ashwagandha is a famous adaptogen and immune system tonic.  Especially good to use for recovery after being sick and to protect and cleanse the thyroid from radiation or other toxicity.

Holy Basil helps to immediately reduce stress levels and balance emotions while helping to regenerate the adrenal glands.

Triphala nourishes the adrenals due to its vitamin C content and promotes gentle cleansing.

Tribulus is a great overall hormone builder and helps us adapt to stress.

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