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Shilajit is a mineral pitch derived from the Himalayan mountains with a rich history of use in Ayurvedic medicine. It is produced from microbial digested ancient plant matter which has been compressed and uplifted by geologic activity. This sacred substance has been used as a medicine and as a tonic for over 5000 years in India. It has been touted as the king herb of Ayurveda. It’s Sanskrit meaning is said to be “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.” It is found at high elevations oozing out of rock layers when warmed by the summer months. Its potential was first observed when the native Himalayan monkeys of high elevations were stronger, healthier, and more social, than the same species that lived at lower elevations and did not have access to the mineral pitch. It contains over 70 minerals in ionic form, amino acids, humic acid, and most importantly, fulvic acid. Shilajit is a rejuvenative herb and an adaptogen.

Usage: Shilajit can be taken in very small amounts to quite large amounts. It is recommended to start with 1/8-1/4 teaspoon in water, tea, raw milk or fresh juice. It imparts a very strong flavor of its own. Work your way up to as much as 1-2 teaspoons per day if desired. It is traditionally combined with raw milk (cow or goat). It’s benefits can be strengthened when combined with MSM (Check out our MSM Morning Mix). MSM is organic sulfur and assists the cells with permeability. The shilajit helps break the MSM down further and the MSM ensures the minerals will enter the cell to nourish and help cleanse toxins out.

Our Shilajit is hand harvested at high altitudes (above 6,000 feet) in the Himalayan Mountains and contains an astounding 60% (latest batch) fulvic acid content. It is extracted below 110 degrees Fahrenheit without any solvents. Other Shilajit powders contain as little as 2% fulvic acid, are processed with solvents, and often contain higher then normal heavy metals. Fulvic acid helps the minerals absorb into the cells while playing the role of a vital electrolyte. It has the ability to create new mineral relationships in the most optimal arrangement for the human body. It neutralizes various toxins, radioactive isotopes, and chelates heavy metals in the body. It increases the activity of enzymes and the effectiveness of other supplements.

Shilajit has been touted as a “Panacea Medicine” due to it’s seemingly miraculous abilities to neutralize toxins and nourish and strengthen our cells. Its current use has provided benefits to all systems of the body with emphasis on the reproductive and nervous system. It is also particularly helpful as an anti-anxiety substance and enhancer of brain function. It is also touted as a strengthening substance for athletes due to it’s ability to increase blood oxygenation.

Shilajit is one of the best substances to help mineralize the body with a full spectrum of dietary minerals. Due to it’s high fulvic acid content, it has the ability to dissolve calcium phosphate and calcium oxalate crystals from the tissues and around the bones. Due to excessively high inorganic calcium levels in our food and water supply, and the acidity brought on by poor diet and environmental factors which cause calcium to leach from the bones to buffer the acid, calcium gets deposited into our tissue, around our skeletal structure, and even our brains and other vital organs. This results in many types of diseases such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s (aka, brain sand), cataracts, and kidney stones. Deep tissue massage, movement and inversion coupled with shilajit consumption is a great defense against and treatment for calcification.

Detoxification and mineralization is the foundation for achieving vibrant health and longevity.

A Note on Quality

There have been some reports on the Internet about heavy metal concerns for Shilajit. Some reports are even comparing the heavy metal content of herbs to that allowed in municipal water. These comparisons don’t make any sense considering the daily intake difference of these substances. In addition, heavy metals of non-organic origin are what have been shown to have a negative health impact. The proof as to whether or not organic plant compounds containing trace amounts of various metals can even do any harm at all is not available. While we still take the side of caution with screening for excessive metals, we choose not go against thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to effective herbal compounds.

While we cannot speak on behalf of all shilajit on the market, we take the safety of our products very seriously. If we felt that our shilajit had any possible toxicity concerns, we would not sell it. We continue to receive excellent health benefit reports from this organic material and consume it ourselves on an almost daily basis.

We have posted our test results for the current lot of shilajit extract we are selling. In addition, we use our own 3rd party lab to verify test results of our trusted and qualified suppliers.

Please find the latest Certificate of Analysis for the most current batch we have received above.

PPM means Parts Per Million. You can see that these numbers are extremely low when considering how small the dosage is for this ancient food.

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