Raw Revelations Triphala Extract




Triphala is an ancient ayurvedic formula consisting of 3 medicinal fruits. It is one of the most effective and popular herb blends in history for maintaining regular elimination, whole body health, and well being.

Triphala is most known for its gentle yet effective bowel cleansing and regulating properties. It has been shown to remove highly toxic material from the intestines. It is also a powerful rejuvenator and immune enhancer with its high vitamin C content. Additional research is finding that it supports eye, skin, and respiratory health, and boosts brain function and memory. Triphala is acceptable and balancing for all dosha types.

This is the most amazing quality Triphala you will ever have!

Usage: ¼-½ tsp. best in warm water or fresh juice before bedtime or upon waking. Increase as needed. Can be used anytime for discomfort or indigestion.

Ingredients: *Harataki, *Bibhitaki, and *Amalaki (Amla)150:1 fresh plant full spectrum extract. *Organic.
Traditional Ayurvedic proportions for Triphala are used in this formula.

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