Jem Organics Nut Butter – Chocolate Hazelnut Butter


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A longtime JEM Organics favorite, we continually improve on this product and tweak our recipe as we get feedback from our fans. In our new formulation we’ve taken out cacao butter and sunflower lecithin and added cacao powder and sea salt. The effect? Enhanced creaminess, minimal separation and maximized yumminess of this popular JEM flavor. Enjoy a strawberry dipped in JEM Organics’ Chocolate Hazelnut Butter or drizzle over a banana for an afternoon treat.

Fun Fact:

A cacao nib is chocolate in its purest form. Nibs are made from crushed cacao beans, aka cocoa beans, which originate from the Andes in the Amazon and Orinoco basins of South America, Colombia and Venezuela. They are antioxidant rich and loaded with a variety of nutrients, healthy fats and minerals.

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