Angkor Black Peppercorns




Black Kampot pepper delivers a full and well-rounded aroma. Its taste is intense, yet smooth with a sweet finish. Black pepper distinguishes itself particularly well with grilled fish or beef steak. Mill black pepper over soups, meat and salads.

Kampot peppercorns, the ultimate pepper for connoisseurs, are grown and produced only in Kampot, Cambodia. It is the tough and lush terroir of the valleys in Cambodia’s Geographically Protected Kampot region that yields superior peppercorns having distinctive character.
Aromatic from a distance, these potent corns of full-bodied floral essence and ample peppery sensation are justifiably famous in culinary circles. Kampot Pepper became the world’s most prestigious peppercorn in the French colonial days, celebrated in the gourmet kitchens of France for its complex aroma and distinct flavors.

  • Kampot province origin 100% guaranteed
  • Perfect gift for any home cook or aspiring chef
  • Produced in compliance with GAP, GMP, HACCP, organic, and fair trade criteria

INGREDIENTS: Black Kampot Peppercorns

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