Raw Revelations Balance




Our Balance Tincture is a blend of two herbs, Passion Flower and Nettle Root. Passion flower is the main herb in the formula and has two key functions. The most well-known use of passion flower is that of a mild sedative to the nervous system. Passion Flower may support the brain to produce GABA which generates a sense of calmness and well being. Passion flower can help open up the nerve centers to enhance nutrient uptake and increase stress handling capability. The second role of passion flower is that of an aromatase inhibitor due to its high content of chrysin. Aromatase converts androgens to estrogens. An excess of estrogens has been found to contribute to mutated cell growth, gynecomastia, balding, prostate issues, weight gain, and other issues.

Nettle Root works by blocking DHT sites on the prostate and scalp preventing abnormal growth and degeneration. DHT is strongly associated with male pattern baldness and may even help women experiencing hair loss. It pairs very well with Passion flower. Passion flower keeps hormones in their correct form, and Nettle Root minimizes the damage they can do in the body when converted to a negative, volatile form like DHT.

Dual extracted in Organic Grape Alcohol(minimum 1 moon cycle) and Spring Water. 25% Alcohol content. Excellent flavor and potency.

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