Raw Revelations Chaga




Unrivaled Immune and Beauty Tonic

Chaga Mushroom is the highest known antioxidant substance and has very strong immune supportive, geno-protective, and adaptogenic properties. Chaga helps preserve collagen, nourish glowing youthful skin, eyes, and hair with its ample supply of SOD, Melanin, and Minerals.

Chaga contains a multitude of unique nutrients such as SOD, melanin, betulinic acid, flavonoids, sterols, phenols, B-vitamins, 19 amino acids, and alkaline forming minerals such as copper, zinc, calcium, potassium, manganese, and iron. Its most notable antioxidant is an enzyme, SOD, which is the most important antioxidant needed by your body.

Usage: 1/2 tsp or more 1-2 times daily in favorite beverage, tea, or smoothie. Use more in times of immune challenges or elevated stress. Great added to hot water for an instant chaga tea.

This extract is produced from wild-harvested sclerotia only and is hot water extracted to increase solubility of the essential beta glucans. It remains a 1:1 extract because nothing is discarded, a true whole-food with the benefits of an extract.

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