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New evidence is demonstrating the importance of D3 and K2 together especially when it comes to arterial health. D3 & K2 may support cardiovascular, nerve, brain, muscle, hormone, lung, breast, colon, stomach, pancreas, prostate, uterus, ovary, kidney, tooth, and bone health. We use MenaQ7® (MK-7 form) which is the only clinically proven form of K2 for cardiovascular and bone health.

Other Ingredients: Virgin Organic Olive Oil, Sunflower oil (Carrier for K2)

Why Supplement Vitamin D3 & K2?

The body was designed to manufacture a sufficient amount of vitamin D simply by skin exposure to sunlight. Adequate sun exposure is the most effective way to increase Vitamin D. Sadly, we as a nation do not spend much time in sunlight and when we do, our skin is mostly covered. As a consequence, most people have low levels of vitamin D3 which has initiated a groundswell of scientific research calling for increased daily vitamin D3 intake for all Americans. Vitamin D is one of the few nutrients the body needs, that does not come from a wide variety of foods. Since Vitamin D is actually a type of hormone, it is vital that it be present in sufficient amounts or virtually every body system is compromised. 

Vitamin K is a group of fat-soluble Vitamins. Vitamin K1 is abundant in a variety of foods, mainly green vegetables like kale and spinach. Vitamin K1 is used only in the body for proper blood clotting. Vitamin K2 is much more important and often lacking in American populations. Vitamin K2 is essential for the proper utilization of calcium which can severely impact the integrity of bone and teeth. Vitamin K2 is also used by the body to keep calcium where it should not be, such as soft tissues like our kidneys or blood vessels. Studies are also showing a correlation between many types of cancer and Vitamin K and D deficiency. Vitamin K2 is also essential for healthy blood sugar by supporting insulin sensitivity and production. When you take Vitamin D, you are signaling an increased demand for K2. They both go to work to modulate calcium in our body.

What Form of K2?

There are various forms of K2, Most notably MK4, and MK7. MK7 is found to have the highest efficiency and activity and is emerging as the most effective form of K2 especially for bone and dental health. MK7 is even said to be better at supporting blood clotting then K1. MK4 has particular benefits such as gene expression and sexual health, but it is much easier to find in one’s diet if it includes animal products such as dark meat chicken, eggs, butter, or hard cheese(Gouda, Edam, Emmental, Jarlsberg). There is no naturally derived MK4 supplement available, only synthetic. Lastly, MK4 can be made in the body from other forms of K such as MK7. These are the main reasons why we do not use MK4 in our formula.

How Much is Optimal?

The RDA (recommended dietary allowance) of vitamin D is 600 I.U./day to prevent D deficiency and rickets. Even though this was recently increased from 400 I.U/day, scientists are recommending 1,000 to 2,000 I.U./day. Experts now consider vitamin D3 blood levels less than 20ng/ml to be a frank D3 deficiency, while 20-39ng/ml is still too low; 40-50ng/ml is considered to be reasonable but not ideal. At all of these levels, supplementation with D3 is recommended at 5,000 to 7,000 I.U./day for 6-8 weeks. Ideally, the individual would be re-tested every 3 months until their blood levels are in the ideal range (i.e. D3 levels greater than 50ng/ml but less than 60ng/ml). There is currently no RDA for Vitamin K2. Studies are showing health benefits at dosages of 100-200mcg per day of MK7.

What is the Source?

Although vitamin D3 is more expensive to produce- especially from plant sources- it is clearly superior to D2. While most Vitamin D3 on the market is derived from lanolin, an animal product, our D3 is derived from wild lichen which is plant-based and suitable for anyone. While synthetic versions are available and at a fraction of the cost of naturally derived MK7, we source the only clinically proven MK7 derived from fermented Chickpeas known as MenaQ7®.

The Power of Miron Glass

The preserving and protective qualities of violet glass can be traced back to ancient times of Egyptian civilization. Many valuable essences and healing products were kept in gold and violet glass containers. The alchemists as well, during the middle ages were aware of the special qualities of this “light spectrum frequency” crystallized as violet glass.

Miron violet glass works like a natural filter that blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part, attributed as the part of sunlight Miron Glass (spectral range of UV-A, and infra-red light) that protects and improves the quality of premium and sensitive substances. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the aging processes that are released by visible light, thus lengthening durability and potency of products.

According to the Institute Fraunhofer in Munich (Germany), the radiation in the photosensitive area (app 450nm to 720nm) does not enter the VIOLET glass. On the other hand, a common amber glass lets through light of all the visible areas of the light spectrum.

The secret of Miron Violet Glass is based on Bio-Photons in the violet spectral range (720-770 Bio hertz) which permanently activates and energizes the molecular structure, contributing to the healing energies of substances stored in the Miron Violet Glass.

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