Raw Revelations Goji Berry Powder




Goji Berries are ranked #1 in Chinese Medicine. They are classified as a “tonic”, a class of herbs that people should take on an ongoing basis to preserve youth and general well-being. Goji may help support production of blood and fluids, strengthen and brighten the eyes, create cheerfulness, and support the legs. They are very high in antioxidants, a complete protein with 18 amino acids and 14% protein by weight, over 20 trace minerals, Iron, B vitamins, Vitamin A, E, & C, and immune supporting polysaccharides.

Our Goji Powder is carefully manufactured to the highest quality standards from Organic Goji Berries grown on the Tibetan Plateau. This area remains among the purest areas in the world for growing Goji.

Usage: 1 Tb added to your favorite beverage. Great in lemonade, water, juice, smoothie, or protein shake. Goji is great to take every day. It incorporates well into many recipes and is great for kids too!

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