Raw Revelations Tart Cherry




Featuring Nordic Cherry®, which uses the fruit and skins of tart cherry in a unique, patented extraction process in Denmark. This full-spectrum extraction process retains extremely high levels of the key bio-actives. Get all the benefits of tart cherry in a convenient dosage without the blood sugar spike of pasteurized tart cherry juice.

Tart Cherry may support healthy sleep cycles due to its surprisingly high melatonin content. Studies show that compounds in Tart Cherry may support the reduction of Inflammatory markers such as TNF-alpha, and COX 1 & 2. Tart Cherry may also support the reduction of Uric Acid/Gout conditions.

Usage: ¼ teaspoon in water, tea or favorite beverage, 1-3 times/day or as needed. Great taken before bed to support sleep or after exercise to support recovery.

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