It’s Organic it Must be Clean and Healthy

Know what organic foods are best for your body

I started reading the ingredients and made a point to make sure it said most if not all the ingredients were organic.  So that should be it right, buy it and eat it.  Well not so fast.  There are loopholes in the certified organic requirements that companies are starting to learn how to get around them.  It sells them more product but ultimately who does it hurt, we the consumers.

We trust the label when it says it is organic.  I know I did.  I figured they did all the right things to make sure that the process that was used to grow the produce or the ingredients was by the book. The issue is that there are mistakes in the book.  The best way to get what you know for sure is organic is to grow it yourself.  I get it, who has the time, and are willing to put in the effort to grow all your own food.

Some stores do have truly organic produce and products so do your homework and when you know what you buy and where to buy it, make a list and stick to those.  When you don’t know, it’s good to be familiar with the clean 15 and dirty dozen. It’s not ideal but it’s better than pesticide ridden industrial produce and products for sure.

Another thing I learned is that if it not a good ingredient, even if it is organic, still not a good ingredient to eat.  Like Soybean Oil or Canola oil.  Doesn’t matter if they are organic, they are not on my list of clean foods to eat.  I avoid them because I know what foods my body needs to run optimally and to heal and re-generate.  I eat those foods.  Why would I want to eat things that tear my body down, doesn’t help it to heal and makes it age instead of re-generating?  Exactly, I wouldn’t.    So be sure you know your body, what you may be allergic to, what things your body likes and doesn’t like to consume.  Your body will thank you.

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