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Goat milk is as close to a perfect food as possible. It is tolerated by even the most sensitive individuals. Its proteins and other nutrients are better absorbed and utilized while having an alkaline effect on the body. Our Wisconsin small-farm pastured goat whey comes together with a full cream goat milk powder to capture all the unique qualities of goat milk. Packed with easy to digest nutrients, goat whey may support glutathione production, bone density, energy levels, digestion, cardiovascular health, immunity, and muscle recovery.

Goat whey also contains prebiotics, lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, highly absorbable minerals, and multifunctional bioactive peptides.

Usage: 3-4 Tb in water, nut milk, shake, or other beverage. Great after a workout to support recovery or in the morning to support metabolism. Increase use in times of stress or healing.

Ingredients: Goat Whey Protein Concentrate, Whole Goat Milk Powder, Monk Fruit Extract.

Whey Better?

Mostly all of the whey proteins on the market are heavily processed isolates.  This means the alkaline forming minerals and immune factors naturally present in the whole milk have been removed.  The body needs these minerals to metabolize the protein correctly and avoid acid buildup.  Most whey protein is derived from cheese manufacturing as the whey is a byproduct in the process and they undergo varying types of excessive processing.  These proteins may seem to provide results, however just how steroids provide results, they can cause long-term damage.  These highly processed, cheese by-products of grain-fed factory farmed cow’s milk are by no means a health food.  With many reported benefits of people consuming fresh raw whey for centuries, it was by all means necessary to process the whey correctly in order to receive a health benefit.

Why Goat Whey Protein Concentrate?

Goat milk is very close to human milk. It is quite rare for someone to have allergies to goat milk. Even though our goat milk concentrate contains very little lactose, people with lactose allergies often handle the lactose in goat milk just fine. The protein and fat molecules in goat milk are much smaller then in cow’s milk and therefore are less allergy forming and much easier to digest and assimilate. In particular, the fat molecules in goat milk are nine times smaller then cow’s milk. In addition, goat milk is known to have anti-mucous qualities, alkaline post digestive effects, and many immune enhancing properties.

Goats are referred to as bioorganic sodium animals in Naturopathic Medicine. They are associated with vigor, flexibility, and vitality. Cows are calcium animals known for stability and heaviness. Bioorganic sodium is an important element for supporting joint health. Traditionally, goat’s milk has been used to nourish and rejuvenate an overtaxed nervous system. Goat’s milk is also extremely nutrient dense.

In fact, Gandhi himself rejuvenated his own health after fasting by drinking raw goat’s milk.

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Importance of Raw Protein

The dry weight of the human body is 75% protein. Most people are deficient in many amino acids even though they consume huge amounts of “protein.”  In addition, many people have insufficient amounts stomach acid and pepsin in the stomach, and lack proper intestinal flora and enzyme production to digest and absorb protein and other nutrients from even the most optimal foods. It is not hard to see the importance of obtaining a source for truly absorbable, biologically identifiable, low temperature, undenatured protein for maintaining optimal health.  We believe low temperature grass-fed whey concentrate is one of the best sources of protein for the human body.  We will explain why below.

Whey was one of the very first medicines every prescribed

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended whey as a treatment for numerous disorders and diseases.  Many practitioners throughout the ages used fresh whey as a curing medicine.  Healing spas used primarily fresh whey to heal and rejuvenate the body during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries all over Europe.

Whey for Atheletes

Grass pastured goat whey concentrate is also great for muscle recovery because it has rapid digestion into the blood stream to repair muscle tissue. In addition, this whey will not cause muscle soreness and is found to greatly enhance athletic endurance. In addition, Goat milk derived whey has the advantage of being very supportive for the joints and more energy promoting then cow’s milk derived whey.

Can dried whey still heal?

Whey’s unique healing ratio of highly digestible and usable protein can be dried into a powder if it is never denatured by heat or excessive filtration or processing. We add whole goat milk powder to our formula so that all the beneficial properties of goat milk are contained in this product.

GLUTATHIONE- Your master Antioxidant

Cysteine is the key amino acid to glutathione production. Studies have proven cysteine rich whey protein to increase intracellular glutatione levels by 64%! Glutatione is the body’s own master antioxidant.  It is also responsible for detoxification.  Glutathione can remove toxic heavy metals from the body.  Most people are barely producing enough.  It is essential for immune system compnents such as white blood cells, lymphocytes, antibodies, interferon, and natural killer cells.  Other antioxidants rely on glutathione to do their job correctly; this is why it is called “the master antioxidant.”

Highest Biological Value

Studies have shown that the overall composition of amino acids in whey is identical to that of human blood.  It has the highest protein utilization of any known food.  Therefore, the most easily assimilated and therapeutically helpful protein to consume would be our whey concentrate from pastured goats.

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