Anaya Trigona Propolis Extract




Stingless bee honey from Trigona bees tends to contain more vitamins and minerals and more anti-oxidants than Manuka honey. Our Trigona honey from Trigona bees in the Philippines has the highest anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties of Trigona honey from other regions such as Malaysia. This honey is known to kill 83% of bad bacteria. In addition, since Anaya honey absorbs Propolis from plants their microbacterial properties are more consistent that of Manuka honey that does not contain propolis.

DIRECTION: Shake well before using. Take 1-2 droppersful daily directly on the tongue, or mix with water or other beverages. Children between 1-3 years old should use half the recommended level.

FOR: Adults and children over 3 years old. Contains pollen and propolis.​


  • Take regularly to maintain health

  • Use as a booster for juices or smoothies

  • Apply on mouth ulcers

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