Raw Revelations Colostrum Powder




Colostrum is Mother Natures “First Food” for all mammals, also known as the “Immune Milk.” This Colostrum is from pasture-raised cows and only harvested after the newborn calves get their share. This is true 6-hour Colostrum, verified by a 3rd party. The most unique of all species of colostrum occurs in bovines, where the transfer of biological substances across the placenta to the developing fetus does not happen, and everything required for the development of a healthy, productive offspring is provided in the Colostrum. As such, bovine Colostrum offers a specialized resource that provides the broadest possible spectrum of biologically active substances that can promote the development of a healthy body mass, assure effective and efficient metabolism and support the activation and maintenance of a fully functional immune system capable of combating potential insults from microorganisms and other deleterious sources.

Usage: Take 1 tsp or more in a drink, on food or directly into the mouth for best absorption up to 4 times/day . Can be used topically as well for a rejuvenating facial- just mix with water to make a paste. It can also be applied to gums to enhance gum health and regeneration.

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