Raw Revelations TMG (Betaine)




Trimethylglycine (TMG), or Betaine, is an amazing addition to a nutritional program.

  • Not synthetic origin like most TMG on the market! Derived from Non-GMO sugar beets grown in Europe.
  • Its main function is that of a methyl donor to provide the body with enhanced detoxification ability and energy production.
  • TMG may also support SAMe levels by breaking down dangerous homocysteine into methionine for SAMe production. Much less expensive than synthetic SAMe products!
  • Most people do not make enough methyl groups such as TMG. The reason is often due to heavy metal toxicity, stress, infections, or other chronic disease.
  • TMG consists of 3 methyl groups (CH3) joined to one molecule of the amino acid glycine.  Methyl groups play a vital role in the health of the liver and kidneys. Glycine is important for collagen production, rest and alertness.
  • TMG may support the balance of the autonomic nervous system. Many people have a sympathetic (fight or flight) dominant nervous system where digestion and rejuvenation abilities are compromised.

Usage:  1/2-1 tsp 1-2 times per day in water or juice.  1 tsp = 3000mg.   Can be also added to spring water to revitalize and increase taste.

Ingredients:  Non-GMO Beet-Derived Betaine Anhydrous  (TMG)

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