Raw Revelations Turmeric Oil




Our all new formulation features a Wild-Crafted Turmeric Extract Paste which is gently infused into an organic delivery base with Bee Pollen, Propolis, and Royal Jelly Enriched Raw Honey. We have also included fresh, organic extract pastes of Ginger and Black Pepper for the best absorption of the active compounds in Turmeric. We then complete our process by bottling in Biophotonic Miron Glass – the best protection possible.

Each 50ml(1.7oz) bottle contains the equivalent of 14,000 mg of fresh turmeric root! That is 1/3 of a pound!

Each serving contains 2800mg fresh root equivalent and 560mg dry root equivalent in a highly absorbable and easy to use liquid format.

Most Researched Medicinal Herb

Modern science has learned to pay attention to this golden spice, investing a great amount of time and resources into the study of turmerics’ biological effects. It is one of the most researched spices for medicinal applications by both traditionalists and scientific bodies. The combined effort of traditional experience with modern sophisticated analysis has produced dozens of printed documents and literally thousands of reports publicly available online via medical journals, describing in detail how turmeric:

  • Purifies the blood, and supports healthy blood pressure by promoting clean blood vessels
  • Purges pollution from the lungs, increases oxygen transfer from the lungs to the blood
  • Supports parasite removal from the body and limits the cellular damage they cause
  • Protects DNA from the damaging effects of heavy metals and oxidative stress
  • Strengthens digestion by increasing bile secretions and stimulating pancreatic enzymes
  • Supports removal of toxins from the liver and aids in liver regeneration
  • Supports regulation of menstrual flow and decreases menstrual pain
  • Enhances the bodies’ natural wound healing ability by combating infection and speeding up the growth of healthy cells


Antioxidant Properties

As a potent anti-oxidant turmeric is particularly effective in it’s ability to inhibit lipid per-oxidation, the destruction of brain cells (and other lipid based cells throughout the body) by free radicals. The fact that turmeric seeks out and absorbs into these types of cells is the key to this fascinating power. By residing in the very cells that are targeted for destruction by oxidative molecules, turmeric protects your lipid based cells -such as the ones in your brain- from being destroyed. Fat cells that do not have this protection actually add to the load of free radicals in your body when they are destroyed.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

One of the most well known and publicized actions of turmeric is it’s anti-inflammatory power. Inflammation is the bodies’ initial immune response to physical trauma or disease, and is a necessary part of the healing process. However, inflammation can grow into lethal infections if the bodies’ immune system is unable to handle the attack. Inflammation is always accompanied by pain, ranging from minor and annoying to completely incapacitating. Turmeric has been used to successfully manage pain, overcome infections, provide relief from arthritis symptoms, and speed healing of acute and chronic wounds (including stubborn diabetic-related wounds). The benefit of using turmeric for pain relief is that it inflicts none of the adverse side effects that common prescription pain medications are known to cause, such as an increased risk of blood clots, drowsiness, and vomiting.

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