What Do Our Bodies Need on A Cellular Level Daily

Why more than ever do we need to discover what cellular health is and why it is so important for health and longevity?  There was a time when all your body needed was included in the food that you took in throughout the day.  When the population grew and everyone no longer grew their own food, we started to rely on mass produced food.   It came in a package, was quick, easy and it was just assumed that it was just at good for you as food that used to come directly from the farm.

It couldn’t have been farther from the truth.  With packaged food came preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors and ingredients that were chemicals we can’t even pronounce.     It wasn’t until large numbers of people began to develop issues within their bodies, sometime illnesses that raised a red flag that something was going wrong.

Clean eating and especially this website, www.iamacleaneater.com is shining a light and taking us back to the beginning, back to when what we eat is real food.   Clean eating is a journey, my journey, to find out what is best for me and my body to keep it healthy and functioning property.  There are tracks to follow, nutritional and cellular, and then the vehicle which is our body needs to movement from the fuel we get from these two tracks.

Movement and nutritional health were pretty simple for me to understand but I had no clue about cellular health.  I did well in biology and health class but never really knew what my cells needed on a daily basis.    I decided to educate myself and with the help of experts found out that I need these things in my body daily to nourish my cells and keep them healthy as well as keep them reproducing in a healthy way:   iodine, MSM, Magnesium, Omega Oils and D3.  You can find all these products on the I Am A Clean Eater Website.   I will be doing a separate blog post on each one, so stay tuned.

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