I’ve been noticing an interesting trend and frankly I do it too!  The need to justify the choice to clean eat seems to consume some people. Is this happening to you?  Do you catch yourself saying things like the following:

  • I spend my $$ on food versus clothes.
  • I don’t eat out because I’d rather spend my $$ on better food and cook at home.
  • I rarely take vacations so I can afford better food.

What I Notice

More often, I’m noticing people using one or more of the statements above to justify their choice to clean eat.  I’m also noticing certain people feel obligated to let others know that because they pay a premium for groceries that they then make ‘sacrifices’ in other areas.  So, it got me thinking, why are the clean eaters justifying their choice to eat clean?

Is it guilt?  Are we projecting?  Are we assuming others can’t afford the food and therefore we feel we’re privileged?  If so, I know enough to know that eating clean isn’t about your personal wealth or privilege but about setting priorities.  The majority of people that shop in my retail store are everyday people; teachers, custodians, waitresses, retirees on fixed incomes etc.  A very small percentage of my clientele are independently wealthy.

False Beliefs

Realistically, look at most people in entertainment, sports, and politics. For the most part, these people have the monetary means to buy ‘better’ food, but they don’t.  They eat fast food, and industrial food.  They are not aware of the differences between organic animal products versus pasture raised items.  Many of them are eating fake processed food because they want to claim they’re ‘plant-based’.  Or they’re promoting fast food chains and soda companies because of the lucrative contracts. These people are privileged yet their priorities are generally not in line with clean eaters.  

When was the last time you heard someone justifying their choice to purchase and consume industrial food or fast food?  Never…right?  Our society has indoctrinated us into thinking fast, cheap food is completely acceptable and anything above that is somehow expensive and untenable.

So, the next time you feel the urge to justify your reasons to prioritize clean eating, consider the side that prides themselves in eating processed and fake food.  There’s no apology, no consideration to others or the environment, it’s just their priorities are different from ours…AND…that’s okay!

Next time you make better choices when it comes to your health, you don’t have to justify your choices to anyone, especially not to yourself.  Walk your talk and lead by example. 😊

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