Indoctrination – it’s subtle and often we don’t even realize it’s happening to us. Ever notice that it’s hard for most of us to buy into a new idea or concept?  How many times have you said, ‘oh, I never heard that’?  And, because of that, you dismiss the idea/concept outright or, you go and look it up for yourself? Doing further research is always a good thing and I encourage that.  However, dismissing something outright because you’ve been indoctrinated into a ‘system’ is generally not constructive, especially when it comes to clean eating and following a clean eating lifestyle.

Clean Eating Indoctrination

A great example of being indoctrinated is when it comes to the definition or understanding of clean eating.  Many people have preconceived ideas for clean eating that range from any one of the following:

  1. Bland and boring. Like eating steamed veggies without seasoning or a lot of raw food like kale.
  2. Made from scratch.  Sounds like hard work – shopping, chopping, sautéing over a hot stove for hours.  Before you even start you are already tired and overwhelmed!
  3. It’s expensive.  The short term ‘sticker shock’ supersedes the long-term benefits. Most people will pay for ‘cheap’ food and excuse away the negative effects that generally follow.  They don’t equate that ‘cheap food’ can contribute to serious health issues that range from autoimmune conditions and cancers.

Many times, a loved one will try to have open discussions with a family member about the benefits of clean eating and a lot of the time this message is not welcome. In fact, many of these people are so close-minded that they don’t believe anything can happen to them until it does.  Think smoking and lung cancer… people still smoke! Sadly, it’s just human nature.  We want to save people, but people have to want to save themselves.  

Another example I often see in my health food store is someone coming in for that magic pill/drink/powder/tincture etc. that will erase years of bad or uniformed choices.  I often say these two things:

  1. You cannot supplement your way out of a bad diet.
  2. Do you plan on changing your diet along with taking a superfood or vitamin I recommend?

We’ve been Indoctrinated All Our Lives

Sadly, due to the current allopathic system of healthcare, we’ve all been (at some time in our lives) subject to indoctrination into believing that there is a pill or magic bullet that will erase years of abuse. That there is one thing that will instantly improve our health while continuing to consume whatever we want.  This mindset is pervasive and goes against the holistic system of healthcare, which approaches your body as a system versus independent parts.  A larger system in the body, if malfunctioning, can cause edema in the leg, for example. When we recognize that then we’ll be open to accepting various approaches to good health. This will ultimately include diet and diet changes.

If you’re ready to make a change and are open to new ideas when it comes to clean eating then you’re ready to take my course; Get Food Smart, Get Real. I care about you, and I want the best for you. Drop me a line and let me know how I can help you!

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