Stop Comparing, Just be Mindful! There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not informing and educating people on clean eating, specifically, the way I define it on this site.  The 10 Commandments for Clean Eating page and the What are you Buying blog are two of the most important pieces of content on this site that you really need to grasp and fully understand.  However, when these subjects are broached, some people that immediately become defensive.  They justify their current way of eating in two ways. The first is by comparing themselves to ‘other’ people in their circle that (in their view) are eating much worse. Or, they unfortunately compare themselves to me and where I’m at on my journey.  I want to take a deep dive into these two comparisons and explain why both will take you down a slippery slope and lead you to possible disaster.

Comparison #1 – “I don’t make the best choices all the time, but I know I’m better than most people”

Everyone seems to have their own opinion or definition of what constitutes clean eating.  On the I Am a Clean Eater site, we’re always reminding people that clean eating isn’t about telling you what lifestyle eating plan is best. It’s about educating you on the questions to ask before you eat. After all, you control fork to mouth!  The problem with comparing and ultimately justifying your eating habits with someone that you perceive is worse off is that you’re not quite grasping that this is YOUR JOURNEY. It’s not about what other people in your circle are doing, it’s only about YOU! This scenario immediately sets you up for continuous justifications which takes you out of the mindset for success.  This ‘comparison mindset’ sets you up to validate the following common excuses:

  1. One bite isn’t going to kill me.
  2. I deserve/earned a cheat meal/day.
  3. It’s ___________________(birthday, anniversary, holiday, vacation)
  4. You only live once.
  5. I’ve been good all week, why not.

If you’re not in the right mindset then you cannot commit to a lifestyle change and ultimately sustain the change.  It’s just not going to happen.  So, get real with yourself and decide if you’re ready for a permanent change…no more comparing and no more excuses.

Scenario #2 – Comparing yourself to someone like me and then projecting that somehow, I’m perfect and you aren’t!

Let’s be clear, clean eating isn’t about perfection, it’s about being MINDFUL.  It’s about setting goals and reaching those goals.  Consider me your thought leader and your mentor. I have been on my journey since 2013 and you cannot be where I’m at if you’re just learning what clean eating means.  I am not perfect but I’m very mindful with everything I consume…EVERYTHING!

Three years ago I was not mindful. But I am driven by my ultimate goal of lasting longevity.  I want to live to 120 years old without any pharmaceuticals, and I want my body to be vibrant and my mind to stay sharp. I’m okay with grey hair and more wrinkles ?.  That means I scrutinize everything I ingest.  I ask questions every time I buy something and if it doesn’t meet my current standard then I don’t consume it.  And I look at something and then ask myself, will this/that get me to 120, yes or no. If yes, I consume it, if not, I drop it.  It’s that simple, but I’ll tell you something, it wasn’t that simple for me when I first started.  It didn’t even cross my mind that I wanted to live to 120 (or longer), I didn’t even think I could!

Get Food Smart!

So, what’s next?  I’m creating an online self-study course called Get Food Smart, Join My Tribe and I want you to Join My Tribe.   The course will be ready in early January 2019. My 7-Module in-depth course takes you step-by-step through the process of becoming a clean eater.  You will be introduced to questions that you have likely never considered. You will think harder than you ever thought possible, and you will be encouraged to make YOU a priority.  No more comparing, no more excuses, no more failures.  Imagine, all of this and we never tell you what to eat! You will know what to eat based on you and your patterns. Sound good?

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