Raw Revelations Monk Fruit


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Luo Han Guo, commonly known as monk fruit, is a hard shelled fruit native to China where it has been used for its health benefits and pleasant sweet taste for thousands of years.  Be aware of other monk fruit products that are mixed with sugar alcohols and other additives to increase perceived value. We have chosen a less refined monk fruit that retains its medicinal properties while still imparting a clean, sweet taste.

According to Chinese Medicine, Monk Fruit has a cooling nature and is particularly soothing to the lungs and throat. It may support digestion, elimination, immunity, and healthy blood sugar levels.

Ingredients: Luo Han Gou Extract (7% mongrosides). Water extraction. No Solvents.

Usage: Start with ¼ tsp and increase as desired in tea, smoothie, tonic, or food. Approximately 3 times sweeter then cane sugar.

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