Schizandu Coconut Activated Charcoal Capsules


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ORGANIC ACTIVATED COCONUT CHARCOAL – from organic coconut shells, an all-natural & sustainable source.

  • 100% PURE

HIGHLY ADSORPTIVE – Features much better adsorption than bamboo alternatives. For topical & internal use.

IDEAL FOR TRAVELING – our capsules are easy to carry and a must-have for traveling and those days when something we consumed makes us feel “less-than-great”.

Have you heard of all the things you can use high quality activated charcoal powder for?

Ideal for detoxification, supporting colon, candida, and parasite cleansing and digestive issues, as well as teeth whitening, our Food Grade universal antidote comes in a recyclable container and is specially milled for superior adsorption.

✔ IDEAL FOR DETOXIFICATION & CLEANSING – for maintaining healthy digestion, for use w/stomach aches and supporting colon, candida, parasite cleanse.

✔ UNIVERSAL REMEDY – excellent for bug bites, burns, accidental poisonings, teeth cleaning & whitening, rejuvenation of skin with masks / creams / poultices, and beautifying hair

✔ TEETH WHITENING – remove coffee, wine, and other stains from your teeth without chemicals

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