It’s the new year and most of the population is setting resolutions and taking stock of the things in their life that they want to improve or change. I’m here to remind you that my yearly habits do not include resolutions and so here are some of the things I know I will NEVER say!

Things I know I will never say – Related to a diet:

  • Eat less sugar
  • Get back on track
  • Jumpstart weight loss

Things I know I will never say – Related to a trend or exercise challenge:

  • Veganuary
  • Dry January
  • 30 days of … (fill in the blank!)

And, here’s why:

  1. My clean eating journey is about quality not quantity.
  2. I am never deprived so I don’t have to eliminate any type of food.
  3. My weight is stable because I understand the foods that love me back.
  4. I move every day in a variety of ways like hiking, stretching, walking, breathing, and doing basic calisthenics.
  5. My alcohol intake is minimal due to the active physical lifestyle I lead.  
  6. I choose not to compromise my health…period!

Many people often say, “I don’t know where to start”, so, here’s my answer to that question.  I’ve developed the 5 Phases of Clean Eating.  Here they are:

Phase #1 – Mindset Shift

Find your meaningful why. Weight loss is not meaningful, but longevity and quality of life is.  Once you know you’re why, you can defend your journey even to the most skeptical critic.

Phase #2 – Switch Stage

Find all the better versions of your favorite industrial foods.  There’s no excuse because you can find chocolate, cake, ice cream, cookies, mac ‘n cheese, pasta, lasagna, crackers and anything else you might be craving.

Phase #3 – Elimination

Once you’ve found all your favorite switch foods, you’re now ready to begin to eliminate the foods that might be causing inflammation. You’re searching for the foods that love you back.

Phase #4 – Customization

Now you’re ready to add in superfoods to optimize your cellular health and learn to achieve optimal performance while you age.

Phase #5 – Detox

Yes, that’s the last phase and it might take you years working through Phases 1 thru 4 before you’re ready to detox. The more optimal your cellular health the better chance of detoxing successfully and without adding too much stress to your body.

Stay tuned, I’ll be rolling out the details of the 5 Phases of Clean Eating.  These five steps will be your guide to knowing where to start your journey and to understand where you are on your journey.  

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