There are many winning side-effects from clean eating. When it comes to clean eating, it seems like everyone has their own definition, and customers in my health food store aren’t shy about sharing their thoughts. These thoughts usually encompass from any one of the following:

  • Eating organic
  • Eliminating red meat
  • Consuming a lot of green shakes/drinks
  • Following a diet lane (paleo, keto, plant based, gluten free, etc.)

Inevitably, I explain clean eating is more about the quality of the food versus the quantity, that it’s a permanent lifestyle change versus short term weight loss goals.  That it’s about making a conscientious decision, every day, about the items we’re going to consume.  Basically, understanding what you consume can either help you or hurt you!

A True Story

One of my favorite exchanges is with an endearing millennial woman that was at her wit’s end when it came to her declining health and recent healthcare woes.  She’s had various surgeries which stemmed from a car accident and then she had subsequent procedures to ‘fix’ the initial botched surgery.  Sadly, this is a common theme that I’ve heard more times than I’m comfortable repeating! 

Anyway, when she first discovered the store, she told me her goal was to lose weight and that she was hopeful that the weight loss would help her manage her constant pain. As we continued to solidify our long-term strategy, I explained that the pain can possibly be exacerbated by inflammatory foods such as the industrial food that ~95% of the population is consuming. So, by eliminating the inflammatory foods it’s possible that she will lose weight and manage her pain. What she didn’t realize was the other 2 side-effects that would happen in 4 short weeks!

Winning Side-Effects Results

Aside from a 20-pound weight loss (and still going), she is thrilled to experience these winning side-effects:

  1. Improved Mood Function = More energy and less anxiety
  2. Less Snacking = better metabolic function

By shunning industrial food, her mood has completely stabilized. No more brain fog and her constant pangs of anxiety have dissipated. Now that her mood has improved, she has more time to devote to work and school. Her everyday struggles with time management and lack of energy are gone. Therefore her daily tasks and challenges are taken in stride.

Now that her diet is controlled by quality whole foods. These are pasture raised meat, local organic produce, spring water, and some fun treat foods made from real ingredients. She’s able to stick with the lifestyle and not feel deprived.  At the end of the fourth week, she noticed that she had moved away from many of the healthy snacky items that she was consuming and was now eating complete and nutritious meals.

Less snacking helps her maintain her blood sugar level and strive to gain better metabolic function.  Without the constant snacking (even healthy snacks), she’s losing weight, and has stabilized her mood! These targeted lifestyle changes have enabled her to enjoy focused shifts at work and give her more energy for friends, family, and school.

As you can see, there are lots of winning side-effects!

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