Blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, osteopenia, asthma, thyroid … and the list continues!  What are you willing to ‘fix’ but then possibly break in the process of treating one of these ailments?  Yes, there are side effects with every prescription drug on the market. However, some people tend to take calculated risks due to the severity or progression of the illness. Let’s talk about the fix/break train! 

Some Examples of the Fix/ Break Train

For example, we might take the occasional prescription sleep aid due to an unusual bout of insomnia or a prescribed pain killer after a surgery. The reward in these cases outweighs the risks and seems like a decent compromise.  However, when we’re looking at taking continuous prescription drugs for a chronic issue that can be managed with diet and/or lifestyle changes then I believe that merits further inspection.

Recently, a customer had a high cholesterol score, and instead of seeing that score as a warning sign or gentle pat, she was desperate to remove all the ‘good’ things that were implemented over the years. She only wanted to focus on lowering her cholesterol.  I’veI noticed that this is a common societal reaction. Rather than assessing the situation and making targeted, strategic decisions, many people tend to have knee/jerk reactions, and are willing to break something to fix something else.  

For example, people will sacrifice their protein intake from clean pasture eggs in the pursuit of lowering cholesterol due to their belief that eggs are high in cholesterol.  Yes, eggs are ‘high’ in cholesterol. But, cholesterol is an important hormone that has a very nuanced argument with regards to high cholesterol.  Try researching the ‘cholesterol myth’ before you begin drastic measures.

The Fix/Break Trap

Take any of the ailments mentioned earlier. We’ve been indoctrinated into a system where you take a prescription drug to fix the problem. In reality, this is a band-aid that can then lead to other medical issues and/or break something else in the process.  However, the opposite is also true. You can choose to make lifestyle changes and/or diet changes to ‘fix the problem’ but then by focusing on just the one issue you can easily break something else.  The point is this, there is NO quick fix, or magic pill!  

My recommendation is to focus on your cellular health, where you’re giving your body the best possible chance to fix itself versus taking a knee-jerk approach to fix the immediate ailment while potentially risking your overall cellular health.  Implement these 3 important steps:

  1. Sleep, hydrate, and eliminate, every single day.  
  2. Eat a diet where you understand where your food came from and learn if those foods love you back.  
  3. At a minimum, take D3, Magnesium Chloride, and Omega 3’s.  

If you’re taking those steps, every day, then you shouldn’t be on the fix/break train.  You’ll be on your way to cellular health, and your body will thank you!

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