Lead as Others have Lead You

We have all had heroes, mentors and idols. What if YOU could be that person for others. You never know who is watching you, learning from you and growing from the information you have to share. You are probably already a role model for someone else, perhaps your children. Why not be the best role model for clean eating you can possibly be and lead others to do the same?

Commandment 10: Lead by Example

Several ways to help you lead by example are:

  • Involve your family.
  • Explain to others about the ingredient lists of conventional prepared foods. Discuss how a lot of processed foods contain many chemicals that are harmful.
  • Join and engage with clean eating Facebook groups, meetups, and local communities.

When you are first starting on the path to clean eating, it will be important to get your family on board. Some great ways to do that are to involve your family in the cooking and shopping process. Get a few cook books and ask your family to pick some recipes that look nice to them. This could be breakfasts, lunches, dinners or desserts. When they get to pick they will be excited to shop and cook with you. And then much more likely to actually try what they made. This will get the whole family involved and excited. Which is way better than trying to please everyone by making several dinner meals instead of one! You could start by doing this just one night a week or make a meal plan together for the whole week. Either way, it is a good way to start the journey for everyone.

One great way to lead by example is to use your knowledge about ingredient lists. Start by explaining the differences between clean and dirty ingredients. When you learn about the additives in poorly made foods you can teach your family and friends the difference. There are plenty of wonderful companies that are making processed foods much better now. They are using high quality fats like avocado and coconut oil rather than canola and vegetable oil.  Promoting the difference between these types of oils and fats can make a huge difference in everyone’s lives.

Be the Example

Put your oxygen mask on first! You know when you are getting ready to take off on a flight and the flight attendant comes out and tells you all the safety tips? If you have children you still must put yours on first! That’s because we will not be any good to anyone if we are incapacitated and don’t have our own oxygen supply. You have to help yourself first and get to the best place you can be in, and then you may start to help everyone around you. You won’t be any good to anyone else if you are still sick and tired, with no energy to do the things you love. The first step to leading by example is to first be the example. You have to have done something for yourself in order to feel better, look better, and be the example.

Be the best version of yourself that you can be and others will follow. The worst thing you can do is hype some new product or program but not have any of the results yourself that you are promoting to other people. For example, have you ever had a high pressure sales situation from an overweight gym owner or a broke financial planner? If someone is promoting something, but they aren’t walking the walk, then they lose all credibility. There are plenty of people in this world who will tell you all sorts of amazing things. But they don’t actually live that way themselves. Do your research and be a leader that you, yourself, would want to follow.

The Feedback Loop

Once you have gotten to place in your journey where you feel comfortable sharing about your new lifestyle, people will start to notice all the positive changes in you. They will notice that you look better and seem to feel better and have more energy. When people in your life, who are close to you, start to notice things like this they will want you to help them too. The the positive energy you give to them will feed right back to you. You will feel great about helping others. So keep living the best version of your life that you possibly can, and be a shining, clean eating role model!

At I am a Clean Eater, we do not want to tell you what lifestyle eating plan you should be on. We only want to help support you wherever you are on your journey. The message is about understanding what’s at the end of your fork and making the best and most informed decisions for yourself!

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