Many times, my students tell me they don’t know how to defend themselves when someone that is not following their version of a clean eating lifestyle criticizes them or tries to diminish them in private or in a public setting.  I am a huge believer in defending yourself and educating others at the same time.  When you’re armed with facts it’s hard to argue, so always stick your ground, answer politely and move the ball forward.  

It’s that time of year where the invites to parties are starting to arrive, the ‘gift’ of home-made food appears, and what is perceived to be the non-stop questions about what’s on your plate is dissected.  You’re going to need some ammunition, so I’ve written these scenarios to help you navigate the sometimes treacherous waters…yes, I’m being dramatic! ?

Let’s explore some scenarios where defending yourself is also a gateway to educating others:

Scenario #1

Comment: ‘It’s so expensive to eat clean’.

Response: In comparison to what?  Since I’ve been making better choices, I get full faster and stay full longer, I don’t snack as much, or buy over the counter medications for sinuses, constipation, bloating etc. Over time, I’ll actually be saving money, it’s a little more upfront but overall, it’s a huge savings.  

Scenario #2

Comment: There’s nothing wrong with Industrial Food. Especially if you’re eating whole foods.

Response: I can see your point.  You’re definitely doing better if you’re eating whole foods at the industrial level vs. processed food…100%.  However, the point of clean eating is to understand that it’s not about staying at ‘one level’, it’s about always learning and improving your knowledge.  Staying at the industrial food level and eating whole foods might get you to 80 years of age but you’re probably going to have to take prescription drugs for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol etc. I choose not to be on prescription drugs at all costs.  I want to understand the different levels of foods that I buy and continuously be open and learn.  There’s a reason it’s called food science, the science changes all the time and we are all just learning.

Scenario #3

Comment: As long as it’s grass-fed, it’s good.

Response: I didn’t know this either, but did you know that cows must be fed grass the first 6 months of its life or else the breed will die?  The real story happens for the next 6 – 9 months.  Pasture-raised (when you can find it) really makes a difference.  The cow is on pasture for its entire life and the farmer is responsibly turning the land, it’s called regenerative farming, it’s better for the animal and the planet…don’t you agree?

Scenario #4

Comment: Just eat everything you want but in moderation.

Response:  That worked 50+ years ago when they weren’t messing with our food so much but now with the high arsenic levels in rice and the mycotoxins found in grains, nuts, coffee etc. I don’t subscribe to that mentality.  I’m trying to rid my body of junk and not knowingly add more every day.  That’s the journey that is clean eating.  Also, there are people that are severely addicted to sugar. It’s like telling an addict they can take a drink every once in a while or do drugs every so often…it’s just not that cut and dry.

Scenario #5

Comment: Enjoy your life, we’re all going to die from something.

Response: I totally enjoy my life.  Clean eating isn’t about deprivation it’s about making better choices every time.  Besides, I’m looking forward to lasting longevity where I’ll be active and productive well into my 90’s or even 100’s not dependent on pharmaceuticals or other prescription drugs.

What do you think of these scenarios for defending yourself?  Would you answer the same way?  Do you get similar questions?  As you can see defending yourself can be an opportunity to open up the world of clean eating to others. Send me your feedback, I think this conversation is so important but often ignored.

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