Do you diet?  Do you know someone that has dieted?  The answer to one of these questions will always be a resounding YES! Sadly, the diet mindset isn’t about to change anytime soon.  And the fact is, Diets DO NOT work. We are bombarded with commercials touting the latest weight loss program and podcasters/influencers pushing their preferred ‘diet lane’.  These recommendations are always couched with one of the following statements:

  • I healed my ______________ (fill in the blank) by …. their recommended diet lane or proposed supplement.
  • I lost __________________ (fill in the blank) by … their recommended weight loss program.

Newsflash! There is no one size fits all. Our bodies just don’t work that way.  What might ‘work’ for one person might not work for someone else.  Being open to advice is positive. But blindly following a weight loss program or detox/cleansing protocol without asking questions is never good.  However, we often don’t know the questions to ask.  Many of us think ‘I need to lose weight, and ‘this’ promises that I will lose weight, so I’ll try it’.  The problem is that this is a short-term goal for a short-term result.  If the goal is couched in a way that says, ‘I want to feel better and follow a protocol that promotes lasting longevity’, then the mindset is different than simply weight loss.  It means you’re committing to a lifestyle change, which promotes lasting longevity.

Let’s Play the Numbers Game

45 MillionNumber of Americans that start a diet.
70Percentage of Americans that are considered overweight.
30 TrillionNumber of cells we all have.
79The average lifespan of an American (both sexes). 
60 BillionDollars…The size of the diet industry.

Let’s talk about the 30 trillion cells that make up our body.  It sounds like a lot…right?  However, let’s put that number into perspective; at any given time, we have ~380 trillion viruses and ~40 trillion bacteria living in/on us.  Take a minute to read that again, and let those numbers sink in. Our bodies are overrun with pathogens and how one individual can handle these pathogens is completely different from how another individual can handle them.  Luckily, most of these pathogens bounce off our 30 trillion cells and leave our bodies without wreaking havoc. 

How our bodies (or 30 trillion cells) respond to daily exposures to pathogens is based on several criteria such as food, stress, exercise etc. Our cells are bombarded every second of every day. How can anyone possibly think that one program or one protocol that works for one person will work for another?  Our bodies are complicated and scientists continue to learn about our cells every day.  There is no silver bullet or magic concoction.  

Diets DO NOT Work, so What You Can Do Right Now?

Knowing that diets DO NOT work, there are some common sense principals you can implement today:

  1. Learn how to be kind to your 30 trillion cells.
  2. Read food labels and learn the quality of ingredients. Not all meat is the same, not all dairy is the same etc.
  3. Move your body every day.
  4. Get sunshine every day.
  5. Establish and/or keep close meaningful relationships to help with stress levels.

Want to learn more?  Take my course called Get Food Smart, Get Real.  I empower you with knowledge, so you progress on your journey with confidence.  It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about doing better every day.  I want to help you say no to dieting forever! Will you take my help?

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