As humans, we do so many amazing things and wear so many different hats; from caretakers to counsellors. Often, we do it without much thought or objection.  When family needs help, we’re there. If friends need advice, we’re there. However, when we go to ‘make a change’ to the status quo for ourselves, our first instinct is to make an excuse, especially when it comes to clean eating. So why do we make so many excuses for clean eating? How many times have you said, or heard someone say, one of the following?

I can’t eat clean because:

  1. It’s too expensive.
  2. It takes too much effort.
  3. My _______ (kids, husband, wife, parents etc.) won’t eat it.

There are other excuses but those are the main ones I hear almost daily!  Let’s discuss each excuse.

I Can’t Eat Clean Because It’s Too Expensive

This is the first of our excuses for clean eating. I wrote a whole blog on how expensive Industrial Food is here.  Once you read that blog you’ll realize that clean eating isn’t expensive in the long run.  I talk about the cost of over the counter drugs, supplements, and healthcare costs that all contribute to the cost of industrial food.  The purpose of this blog is to question why so many people make the excuse in the first place.  And why is it universally accepted that clean eating is expensive and therefore is a tolerable excuse in most circles?  

I want you to be the one in your circle who combats this short-sighted mentality, and has the inner strength to lead by example, every day!  Once you’re on track, feeling (and looking) better, it’s hard for someone to challenge your progress.

It Takes Too Much Effort

If someone isn’t clean eating, then why would they think it’s too much effort? Because they might have to cook something instead of picking up fast food?  The excuse encourages them to stop before they even start.  If you’re on your journey for clean eating and someone in your circle tells you it takes too much effort, encourage them to articulate exactly what they mean.  Most of the time, they really don’t know why they’re making the excuse. It’s simply an assumption without any validity.  So instead of letting the comment slide, or agreeing, take the opportunity to talk about your progress and the benefits you’re getting.  Keep it positive and continue to lead by example.

My _______ (Kids, Husband, Wife, Parents etc.) Won’t Eat It.

This is my favorite of the excuses for clean eating! Probably because it’s the most absurd. Eating clean is all about eating real food.  Real Food tastes good and nourishes our bodies. The implication is that the other people in the household prefer foods that are highly processed, filled with pesticides and ultimately detrimental to your overall health.  Why would someone choose that?

Clean eating is synonymous with healthy eating. And healthy eating, for a lot of people, is associated with eating foods that are flavorless or have a cardboard texture.  Think rice cakes, tofu, soy-based meats or cheese, and other weird science food concoctions that have been sold as ‘healthy alternatives’.  Those very foods are highly processed, usually GMO and not even close to clean eating!  If your husband likes steak and potatoes, then buy organic potatoes and pasture meat. If your kids love pasta then seek out an array of amazing brands that have noodles made from either organic ancient grains, organic rice from Thailand or sprouted quinoa.  You’re keeping all the flavor just improving the ingredients.  If there’s an industrial food that is a staple, I can assure you we can find the clean eating alternative.  

So excuses for clean eating are just that – excuses!

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