There are so many excuses people make when it comes to clean eating, with the biggest excuse being it’s too expensive to eat clean.  It’s an easy statement to make since almost everyone says it, so the herd mentality sets in and the masses repeat it without any argument from anyone. The reality is that eating conventional, industrial food is expensive!  Let me give you some indication why –  

  • How many times do you eat a meal and suddenly you’re experiencing some sort of reaction such as headache, digestive issues, sinus problems, itchy skin, etc.?
  • Think about the number of people that buy and take supplements every day knowing they need additional nutrition due to their poor eating habits.
  • How much have your healthcare costs gone up in the past 5 years? 

1. Physical Reactions to Your Food – Over the Counter Drugs

The majority of people have some sort of over the counter drug(s) such as Tylenol, Aleve, Milk of Magnesia, Excedrin, Tums, Lactaid, Benadryl, Alka-Seltzer, cough syrups, acne creams, sleep aids, etc. in their medicine cabinet for the sole purpose of alleviating an issue that’s been caused by the food and drink that’s being consumed.  At no time is this same person taking into account the cost of these ‘common drugs’ that are consumed by millions of Americans every day. 

Here are some interesting links to some statistics on the staggering numbers associated with over-the-counter medications: 

So while you wouldn’t expect to include the costs of your medicine cabinet in your food budget, you might want to think again. It’s the first reason why eating conventional, industrial food is expensive.

2. Supplementing Your Diet

Not only do we purchase billions of dollars in over the counter drugs, we also purchase billions of dollars in industrial supplements. All to counter the nutrient deficiency found in industrial food.  How many people do you know buy gummy vitamins, One-A-Day, Centrum, calcium supplements, etc.?  

So, you’re buying industrial food and already taking over the counter drugs to counter the various physical ailments caused by ingesting them. Now you take industrial vitamins because the food you’re eating has very little nutrient value. Sounds crazy?  We think so! 

There can be many reasons why vitamin or other supplementation may be necessary for your individual circumstance. But the reality is that we have a created a culture where we mindlessly consume these items because we fully accept that we won’t, or can’t, get adequate nutritional content in our foods.

3. Healthcare Costs

Now fast-forward. Your initial ailment(s) that was being ‘managed’ with over the counter remedies has now progressed and you need the help of a medical professional.  Depending on your age, employment and state you live in, the healthcare options differ drastically and it’s down right confusing!   

You might require bloodwork, scopes, and other more unpleasant procedures.  You’re now taking time off work (especially bad if you work for yourself), and spending copious amounts of time waiting for answers.  At best, you get a diagnosis. At worst you’re left on a journey of confused medical professionals claiming your blood work is ‘normal’ and they have nothing further for you, which is common within the autoimmune spectrum of illnesses.  If you’re ‘lucky’ enough to get an accurate diagnosis then you’re on a different kind of journey.  This journey inevitably will take a lot of your time, energy, and focus to help heal and cure yourself.  

In addition, prescription medication use is cited as one of the leading cost drivers in insurance premium hikes. And we are more and more becoming a prescription-dependent society.

Here are some interesting statistics regarding chronic issues such as diabetes and heart disease:


Those are the three top reasons why eating conventional, industrial food is expensive. Ultimately, the choice is yours. It’s time we have an honest discussion with ourselves to understand the billion-dollar industries that are supported within the industrial food paradigm. Once you realize what’s happening, you can move forward with a mind-set that supports a true life-style change.  Rather than frivolously trying diet after diet, buying supplements and over the counter drugs hoping for some form of relief. 


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