Every day I am either answering a phone call from a worried customer. Maybe they just read a blog that’s raising the alarm bell about a superfood they’re taking. Or they are tagged in a social media post to inform them of the ‘latest item that’s going to kill us’.  I must ask, are you getting as frustrated as I am about all the fear mongering coming from ‘influencers’ out there?  

Influenced by the Influencers

I know it’s challenging to create content every day for thirsty followers. But depending on the day and your own beliefs, you can easily be swayed into believing something generally benign might harm you. Or, become so afraid and fearful of food that the stress of choosing foods and eating causes more damage to your overall health.

Did you know that drinking too much water can kill you?  It’s called water intoxication.  It’s extremely rare. Most people will not need to fear dying from water, but if you’re engaging in intense physical training then you might be at risk.  Now, are you going to stop drinking water after hearing this?  Or are you going to hear the information and listen to your own body and drink when you’re thirsty? 

I adhere to the following statement: hear, hear, listen!  Let me explain. Hold up your left hand and say ‘hear’ (this gesture represents influencer), now hold up your right hand and say ‘hear’ (this gesture represents another influencer), and then point both hands toward yourself and say ‘listen’ (this gesture represents YOU).  You can hear from your favorite influencers and bloggers but ultimately you need to use your own intuition and discretion to help you make up your own mind.

We were never designed to all eat the same way, sleep the same number of hours, or exercise with the same levels of intensity.  So, when influencers start touting their way of life (increased protein, carnivore, keto, plant-based, etc.) hear it. But it doesn’t mean it’s your holy grail.

Some Tips

Here are some tips to trust your intuition:

  1. What does this person/influencer have to gain?  Are they ultimately ‘selling something’?
  2. Whatever is ‘bad’ for you, search ‘why’ that item might be good for you.  You’ll get to hear a counter argument and then decide what is right for you.
  3. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Be realistic with yourself and understand your limitations.  

Only you can shift your mindset into following a lifestyle change.  Starting with understanding longevity and quality of life is a good goal, then move toward that every day.  Make small, intentional changes every day. You will be amazed with how quickly things will progress for your own personal journey.

I wrote a course and a 30-day program that can help you get started. However, if you can’t take the course, then just start asking; Where did this food come from? The information you’ll glean will be priceless.

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