The two most common phrases I hear almost every day are:

  1. All of a sudden …
  2. I’ve done this my whole life …

My responses are always:

  1. Well, it’s really not ‘all of a sudden’ …
  2. Perhaps that’s why you’re experiencing the things you are now … ?

This brings me to the title of this blog, how full is your toxic cup?  Every day we’re exposed to an untold number of toxins; for instance, chemicals in cleaning supplies, air pollution, industrial food, tap water, synthetic clothes, and those are the obvious culprits!

It’s Always Just Been Your Routine

Now imagine you have a ‘toxic’ cup, and every day you’re going about your business; eating what you want, buying what you want, drinking what you want, etc. And now imagine, how long you’ve been doing those everyday routine things. Ask yourself, how full is my cup?  Depending on your age, maybe it’s halfway full, or perhaps it’s about to overflow?  If it’s filled to the brim, and you add one drop, what happens? Your toxic cup starts to overflow, and it feels like ‘all of a sudden’ … 

  • You might not be able to eat this or that.
  • You might not sleep through the night. 
  • You might start to develop allergies.
  • You might get an inflammatory diagnosis of either auto-immune or cancer. 

So, it’s never ‘all of a sudden’ but it is the things you’ve done all your life that contribute to the fullness of the cup.  Looking at the daily toxin load can feel overwhelming especially when there are some things we can’t control.  For example, the paint on the walls where we live/work or the air quality, BUT we do control fork to mouth.  We do make conscious decisions every day about the foods and drinks we’re going to buy and consume. 

What You Can Do About Your Toxic Cup

If you want to reduce your toxic cup load, my recommendation is to start with asking yourself the following two questions:

  1. Where did this food come from?
  2. Will this food help me or hurt me?

If you start to ask yourself those two very simple questions every time you go to consume something, then you are officially starting your clean eating journey.  No need to following any diet lanes or crazy challenges, just simple questions that should have simple answers.

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