Reflecting on the past year is complicated, however I am “SIMPLE”.  I remember reading early on during the pandemic that we were all ‘in the same boat’. Then I quickly realized that not everyone’s boat sailed in the same way or direction.  Basically, we were in the same storm, but we were not in the same boat. And, that message really resonated with me then and continues to resonate with me now.  I saw firsthand how single parents struggled differently from two parent families and how families caring for elderly parents were responding. Some did fine, while others struggled.  However, everyone I encountered was trying to do the best they could (can) during this crisis. 

My situation

I own a small health food store called Artisan’s Palate. During the crisis I stayed open mainly to help the community we’ve been building since 2013.  Little did I know that my store became a lifeline to many of my customers but also to me! I love my store, what I’ve built, and for the many customers that choose to come in and share their stories and journeys with me.  Yes, I am blessed!  However, during this time, I came realize how SIMPLE I am.

I don’t have children so, I don’t have to worry about schooling or their mental health. Also, I don’t have elderly parents that need caring, so I don’t have to be concerned with their medical needs. I’m lucky to be married to a man that has worked from home for 25 years! So, there was no adjustment period for us.  Basically, the shutdown highlighted that we live an amazingly SIMPLE, dare I say, boring life.  When we’re not working we stay at home and our ‘dates’ are filled with hiking adventures and our meals are always homecooked.

Although my life is simple that doesn’t mean I don’t have compassion for others that are in a boat ‘sailing’ in a different direction than mine.  I am lucky that I get to interact with people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities, and guess what, for the most part, we are all the same!  We are SIMPLE people that cherish SIMPLE things.  

What makes us simple?

What makes us simple? Here are the 3 things that I think make us simple and can bring us together.

  1. We want to help others.  Many studies prove humans are hard wired to have compassion and want to help people.  Think about it, when have you said no to someone you know that asked you for help?  The answer is probably never.
  2. We want the best for our loved ones. We’ve all heard – “when we know better, we will do better”.  We can’t do better if we’re not open to learning.  Our journey (especially our clean eating journey) is all about being open and learning.  We thrive when we’re not stagnate or convinced we’re doing it all right.
  3. We want to find the best in people.  I’m not saying this one is easy and it’s probably easier to find the best in the people we love, but we do want to see the ‘good in people’.  

I want to help you – I do it every day in my shop and I do it online through this site, my blogs and my online course, Get Food Smart, Get Real.  I want the best for my loved ones and I continue to share the knowledge I have to help them on their personal journey when it comes to clean eating.  Trying to find the best in people is something I do every day. Even when they come into my space with negative energy and I focus on the positive Penny’s every day versus the very few negative Nelly’s. 

Simple things to practice for simple people.  ?

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