When it comes to your food journey and overall health plan, do you play a short game or a long game?  I learn so much from my customers, especially when they share their stories. I feel privileged to glean some of that perspective when I write my blogs. 

In this case I was struck with the contrast between a quick fix (short game) versus a prolonged intentional approach to the root cause (long game).  And then I realized, sometimes, you must have a quick fix to help you find the long-lasting solutions for a chronic issue. 

Health Scenarios

I want you to read the following scenarios and see how you generally react/respond:

  1. You’re playing your favorite sport (pickleball) and your knee swells up.  Do you immediately take a cortisone shot?
  2. You wake up and you have a slight fever.  Do you reach for Ibuprofen?
  3. You get a hormone panel done and your hormones are low across the board.  Do you start getting on hormone replacement options (synthetic or bio-identical)?
  4. You wake up with a migraine.  Do you take Imitrex (or other prescription)?
  5. Have acne (hormonal/adult etc.).  Take prescription pills or birth control?

There are plenty of other examples but I’m hopeful you see the pattern.  The scenarios mentioned have a quick fix option that’s usually in the form of a pharmaceutical or over the counter option. But these same quick fixes might contribute to issues that might take months or even years to resolve. So, what’s your strategy?  

What’s Your Immediate Reaction?

Have you considered that a ‘harmless’ cortisone shot for instant relief might contribute to down the road health issues?  How about an over-the-counter solution that gives pain relief but doesn’t address the root cause.  Do you continue to take the quick fix every time, or do you decide to make intentional lifestyle changes that might take longer but can get to the root cause? 

Every scenario and every person is different. For example, I have worked on my diet since 2013, I removed every harmful chemical imaginable (household/food) for migraine pain and overall health. I have improved my sleep patterns, and anything else that might contribute however, I can’t control the weather.  When there is a low-pressure system, the chance of getting a migraine increases dramatically.  I don’t have the luxury of calling off work so there are times where I need to take 1/3 of a prescription pill to help me get through the day.  I still make sure I’m not dehydrated, take magnesium, and do ‘all the things’, but there are times when I must ‘take the pill’.  I’ve made the decision to get short term relief but overall I’m playing a long game.  

The Bottom Line

Simply choosing the quick fix every time, without considering the underlying issues is playing the short game and might contribute to long-term health issues. So, consider learning main triggers for your ailment and then make methodical improvements throughout the days, months, and years. Eventually you’ll start to notice less inflammation and have a better quality of life.

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