We’re All Affected

Right now, many people are saying things like: “We’re all in this together” or “We’re all in the same boat”.  I read recently that the better description is we’re all in the same storm but navigating different boats.  I would go one step further and say, we’re all in the same nightmare, but each of us will have a different ending.  Which brings me to the #1 thing I learned during this crisis.

Your ending will be based on how you live your life.  Are you an optimistic or a pessimist?  Or are you a realist or a dreamer?  Are you reactive or proactive? There is no real “right” answer. It’s a time to reflect and know your tendencies and decide if will you continue the way you are, or is it time to pivot?

Reactive vs. Proactive

When we look globally, it’s safe to say that most governments have been reactive and have been playing catch-up.  It seems no country had enough masks, gloves, beds, respirators etc. for the potential onslaught of patients.  If the governments were proactive then there would be stockpiles of medical supplies, there would be education when it comes to your immune system, and there would be prioritization when it comes to foods that either help us or hurt us.

When we look at the global shutdown of our respective economies and the various restrictions imparted on us by our leaders, we must ask again, is this reactive or proactive? I suspect some will say reactive and others will say proactive.  That’s why each of us will have a different ending to this nightmare.  It’s based on your current mindset.  Are you able to see the “other” side?  It doesn’t mean you have to agree or disagree, just have the ability to be open and see a point of view that’s different from yours.

Take Control

The challenges with clean eating aren’t that different from our mindset in our current situation.  Think about whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist.  An optimist will see this as an opportunity to meal plan and bring good wholesome meals to the family.  A pessimist will make excuses why it’s not possible to eat better.  

If you’re a realist, then you’ll take the bull by the horns, you’ll trim where you can. But you’ll prioritize your health no matter the mitigating challenges.  If you’re a dreamer, then you might “throw it up to the universe” and believe it will all work out.  But if you’re reactive then you might judge or become intolerant of views that are different from yours.  If you’re proactive then you’ll take this time to educate yourself and your family on the importance of nutrition.  You’ll realize that taking control of your life is the only chance you’ll have in writing a happy ending to this tragic nightmare!

The #1 Thing I Learned?

So, what’s the #1 thing I’ve learned during this pandemic?  It’s all about MINDSET! I’m an optimist. I do believe we will emerge victorious, albeit not unscathed.  I’m a realist. All lives are precious. Pre-virus and post-virus, people die every day, and it’s never good when it happens.  Today my business neighbor told me the parents that dropped off their tuxes buried their 23-year-old daughter (no, it wasn’t from the virus).  I’m also proactive, I didn’t need a memo issued by the federal government to know to wash my hands!  On my own, I strive for uninterrupted sleep, eat REAL FOOD, take superfood supplements. And no I don’t cheat, because why would I ever want to cheat myself…?

 It’s the right time to learn, and be better, every day!  That’s why no matter how you self-identify, I invite you to take my online self-study course called Get Food Smart, Get Real. If you’ve had enough of this movie, make a change for yourself today.  I’m offering you a $50.00 coupon to use at checkout.  Click HERE and type MINDSET for your $50.00 off coupon.

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