What does it really mean to Fight Cancer?

The last thing most of us want to hear from our doctor is these 3 scary words: “You have cancer!”  It seems that as quickly as we get a diagnosis we immediately say “I am going to fight this cancer!”  And for all those we know who have this dreaded disease, we hear:

  • “He’s fighting cancer”
  • “She’s battling cancer”

What does that really mean? Are we really seeing this ‘fight’ as a General would in a war?  With an overall strategy, targeted tactics, and the concept of holding ground in a specific battle?  In my observations, I have noticed that for most people, ‘fighting cancer’ means following a protocol outlined by your doctor that usually includes one or more of the following procedures; surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.  Furthermore, add into the mx a variety of prescription drugs that can include hormone inhibitors, steroids, and other drugs that you might have been taking before the diagnosis.  Certainly, “Fighting Cancer” rarely includes a wide angle lens or an all-encompassing strategy.

I recently was sent a very inspiring text from a good friend, one of unrelenting faith, and I feel compelled to share it because he is actually FIGHTING! Here’s his message with minor edits:

September marks the eighth month since a partial CT scan picked up a legion “of concern” on a vertebra. That’s when we discovered the dastardly sneak attack by cancer on my body. That was followed by 22 years of battling diabetes and subsequently hypertension triggered and maintained by stress. Not properly managing the early problems invites more problems. So, war was declared on illness and disease and we went on the offensive. 

The first strike and the continued main thrust of the counter attack is prayer – this is the mainstay of our offensive. 

Second is nutrition, which was neglected for 64 years. We were designed to be maintained in a certain way, but our society is not on the maintenance program, so we abuse our bodies our whole lifetime. That was corrected for me and we’ve been refining it. I will never go back to the old way of eating. 

Then we called in the special forces, that is western medicine. Contrary to doctors, I consider this a short-term strike force which will retire from the battle once we have the upper hand. 

New with the special forces is genetic testing. The idea is to identify the specific cancer of the 27 known prostate types. Then we equip our special forces with more precise weapons and pinpoint the attack. We are also able to warn family members of possible increased risk to them based on the result of analyzing my DNA. 

I’m not just sitting still, but I charge on in the assault against cancer. We continue to go on the offensive and attack on new fronts while maintaining and holding the ground we’ve taken in previous battles. 

My A1C (blood sugar) is down. We’ve taken that hill and we will continue to hold that ground. My hypertension (high blood pressure) is reduced. This is one of the fronts we are fighting currently and hope to gain the upper hand. 

In late August I received my second hormone shot which I get every six months. I was an emotional wreck at home and at work. I also began my vitamin C IV therapy. Those two things did not begin well. The first week of vitamin C left me with an upset stomach, some loose bowels and overall fatigue from Friday evening through Sunday evening. It was not much better the second week. 

This was of concern the third week because we went to a funeral on Saturday. Friday evening was blah. Saturday morning was the same. I ate well first thing and then felt fine.

The fourth week we had a dinner for Small Group Leaders on Friday evening. Until now Friday evenings after therapy have been unpleasant with an upset stomach and my body being drained. Praise God, I felt great neither having an upset stomach nor feeling drained just when I needed to do well for the dinner meeting.

I have weekly vitamin C infusions through the end of November. This gives me a false blood sugar reading since the body reads the vitamin C similar to sugar. The idea is the cancer, which feeds on sugar, does the same, ingests the vitamin C and commits suicide. Our prayer is that all the cancer cells “drink the Kool-aide” and we rid ourselves of them. 

I was fighting leg cramps and could not get that figured out. I ruled out hydration, magnesium and potassium since I’ve addressed all of those. I employed the help of essential oils for a bit. I figured out I made coffee my comfort food. Too much coffee seemed to be the cause, so I corrected that. Cramps are no longer an issue. 

We endeavor to endeavor against cancer. We keep working on upping our game. We continue to move onward and upward toward winning this War on Cancer that we are engaged in. 

How awesome is that!?!  I LOVE IT on so many levels; mainly that he’s got a strategy and is seeing the western medicine approach of drugs as temporary.  The message is educational, informational, and inspirational; everything you need when you’re FIGHTING!  He’s not paying ‘lip-service’, and just saying he’s ‘fighting’, he’s actually FIGHTING!

What struck you most in his message?  Want to share your fight?  Don’t just sit around waiting for your next doctor’s appointment – educate yourself, research, and trust, you can do this too.

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