As I grow my business, I am often in a position of training new employees, and that requires me to explain ‘our customer’.  This means, who is our customer, and does the ideal/perfect customer exist? If the ideal customer exists, then who is that person, and what makes them ideal?

Defining Who is the Perfect Customer

On its face, it is easy to define the ideal/perfect customer.  Simply said, it’s someone that is healthy.  But what does healthy mean?  Everyone has their own definition of healthy, so what does healthy mean in this context?  

In my opinion, the ideal/perfect customer meets the following 10 criteria:

  1. Hasn’t been on antibiotics in 5 years.
  2. Doesn’t take any prescription drugs.
  3. No vaccines in the past 5+ years.
  4. No chronic aches/pains.
  5. Falls asleep and stays asleep easily.
  6. No diabetes/high cholesterol/blood-pressure.
  7. No autoimmune or other inflammatory conditions.
  8. Knows where ALL their food comes from.
  9. No implants / surgeries.
  10. Moves their body every day.

Meeting those criteria is almost impossible, but I think you knew that.  Basically, when someone walks in my door, I would love to hear that they meet the criteria above and that they want to take specifics steps for PREVENTION. They want to proactively take superfood supplements, and up their game when it comes to their food choices versus trying to ‘fix’ an existing or persisting problem.  I would love to hear that they want to take conscious, strategic steps, every day for ultimate health and longevity. 

Do you know this person? Are you this person? I don’t expect you to be this person since that person represents less than 1% of the people that walk through my door.  

Why most People are not the Perfect Customer

Most people come into a health food store because they are in some form of metabolic dysfunction, which means they have a problem. They’ve gone the western medicine route for solutions, and were likely given options such as antibiotics, prescription drugs, and/or surgeries to ‘solve’ one or more of their issues. So, when I see them, we’re having to ‘undo’ a lot of the choices that were made while they were suffering.

Most people who view themselves as healthy often regard clean eating, moving your body daily, and taking superfood supplements for prevention as unnecessary. Therein lies the problem.  The conventional wisdom is that you can continue to do what you’re doing until you start to have a problem. I’m saying, don’t wait for the problem(s) to occur! 

So, if you’re feeling great, now is the time to start your health journey, don’t wait for problems to arise.  We’re here to help you make the best possible choices for health and longevity.

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