Did you know that I created an online course called Get Food Smart, Get Real?  It’s an in depth, thought provoking course that informs, educates and empowers you, so you never have to follow a ‘diet’ ever again. It would have been so much easier to write a course or program that told people what to eat and when to eat.  But I’ll never tell you what to eat! The problem is that goes against everything I believe in…doing that would make me a fraud! Let me explain.

What I’ve Learned

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that most people WANT to be told what to eat and WHEN to eat because they usually have a short-term goal, such as weight loss, as their priority.  Whereas, I encourage a long-term goal such as lasting longevity.  See the difference?

Here’s the problem with the short-term weight loss goal. Once you are ‘done’ with the diet or challenge, what generally happens?  You go right back to how you ate before the diet/challenge started.  So, what does that mean? Any weight you might have lost will just come right back.  Why?  Because you never really learned about the foods that are more nutritionally dense or the foods that might not love you back. You were not in the mindset for longevity.

There is no ‘one-size’ fits all! Some people might achieve some temporary ‘success’ with various diet lanes such as keto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan etc.  However, as soon as there is a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.), most people find it acceptable to have a ‘cheat’ day.  Read my blog here on cheat vs. treat here to get my opinion on why cheat days are never a good idea!

Why Everyone Needs Some Help

Since I’ll never tell you what to eat, most people don’t know where or how to start. An important concept I teach in my course is what I call the ‘switch’ stage.  In a nutshell, I explain that whatever habit or routine you might have – making coffee, eating something sweet at 3:00pm, or consuming your favorite salty snack at 8:00pm, I encourage you to keep those habits. Just make them the best version they can be.  So, if you want a Hershey’s kiss at 3:00, choose a better chocolate that’s made from cacao, cacao butter and coconut palm sugar (or other clean sweetener such as honey or maple syrup).  

Clean eating isn’t about deprivation. You can enjoy all your favorite foods, just the better versions.  Once you’ve found the acceptable alternatives then you move on to your favorite recipes and continue ‘switching’. Soon your fridge and pantry items have all been replaced with their cleaner counterparts.

This might take you weeks or even months, and that’s okay because Clean Eating is a journey, it’s not a race to a finish line.  Did you know you can even find a ‘cleaner’ wine and/or liquor?  It’s possible, you just need to be open and willing to look further than your current stomping grounds. Now you know why I’ll never tell you WHAT to eat!

Help is Here

My online course delves into high level concepts that act as your foundation for your long-term longevity goals.  TheThere is more freedom in the knowledge I give you, than in me (or anyone else) telling you what to buy or consume on any given day.

If you agree, I invite you to sign up for my course today. Use coupon code Mindset for a $50.00 savings.

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